TESO Imperial Edition, SMITE’s Poolseidon, EVE Online and more! | The Daily XP January 29th

Hellllllo attackers.
 It’s January 29th and it’s Bethany here with your daily dose of the Daily XP from mmoatk.com
Today we have daddy issues, bath toys and a pool party in SMITE,

Dish out your hard
earned cash on the Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition, And some crazy shit went
down on EVE Online.

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Today on the Daily XP:
SMITE Introduces Poolseidon Limited Edition Skin for Posiedon | [timer]24[/timer]
The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition Details Released | [timer]51[/timer]
EVE Online Has Huge In-Game War, Thousands of Dollars in Damage Taken | [timer]80[/timer]

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You guys remember
Poseidon from SMITE? I mean we all know the god Poseidon had a lot of awkward
daddy issues being consumed by the guy and all that, but, now he has resorted
to sporting tiny man shorts and releasing inflatable ducks. You heard me right.
He also is beating other gods with his purple noodle. If this sounds appealing
to you, get this limited edition skin quickly because he is only available
until the SMITE release date on March 25th. He cost 600 gems and $5
is contributed to the SMITE launch tournament.


Collectors! How
excited are we when there is something precious to collect to set us just that
much further above the muck muck while in game? (and maybe in real life) Well,
the elder scrolls online Imperial Edition has been announced. This is a
special collector’s edition that comes in both physical and digital form. The
physical edition will get you a statue, a snazzy guide, a map of Tamriel, a
mount, a pet, the ability to play the imperial race, and Rings of Mara content.
The digital edition gives you all this, but, you guessed it, the tangible stuff
you can really get your hands on.



Now, this is what we
have been waiting for: human angst and misfortune. Yes, I’m referring to the
recent incident on “Eve Online” where $200,000 of real world cash was lost when
a coalition missed a payment on a station they were supposed to be protecting.
This resulted in thousands of players coming together in cold blood to take
part in the biggest battle this decade-old game has ever seen. 8 of the largest
ships in the game were destroyed. This game sounds insane and I want to play


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