EVE Online

[stat=Publisher]CCP Games[/stat]
[stat=Developer]CCP Games[/stat]
[stat=Genre]Space MMORPG[/stat]
[stat=Free to Play]No[/stat]
[stat=Download Size]6 GB[/stat]

EVE Online explores a distant future in which a surge in population forces humanity to explore the galaxy in order to find resources that have become scarce on Earth. While on their search, the humans stumble upon a wormhole that leads them to the distant New Eden galaxy. With the promise of abundant resources, colonies begin to settle the new worlds only to find themselves stranded after a sudden wormhole collapse. Without contact from Earth, the colonies are left, isolated, even from one another. As time passes, five major civilizations rise to form the factions of EVE Online.

EVE Online is a sandbox MMORPG in which players are allowed to explore a universe filled with planets, asteroids, ships, wormholes, and more. With thousands of different star systems to explore and hundreds of thousands of other players to encounter, there are limitless things to do in New Eden — a game world that is completely player driven. What makes EVE so unique is that every player plays on the same server, meaning that CCP Games can craft the story around actual game events and have it be relevant to everyone playing. Best of all, when the game gets over crowded, new content can be added to accommodate the larger numbers.

Players choose between four different races for each of their (up to three) characters. Customization extends further by defining bloodline and customizing appearance features. Progression is not achieved through defeating enemies, but rather through a training process that can occur whether the player is online or not. This unique approach to advancement allows players to enhance the abilities they prefer, as they see fit.

Battles can occur between both other players and NPCs. Players do not control their ships manually, but rather they give commands and watch the battle play out in real time. Weaponry is controlled in much the same way and the damage done is a resulting culmination of factors such as range, velocity, and weaponry used.

Because of the open-world sandbox format of the game, many actions that would be considered griefing in other MMOs are allowed in EVE Online. Such actions include stealing, extorting, and causing opponent death via large groups of NPCs. CCP Games has stated that they have no intention to moderate such actions as the added free will simply adds to the experience.

EVE Online is one of the most exciting and expansive Sci-Fi Space MMORPG experiences on the market today. Despite its current subscription based monetization model, the game offers enough enthralling and captivating content to justify the commitment.

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