When Do You Feel A Sense Of Completion – MMOpinion

By their very nature, MMOs pretty much discourage you from being done.  There is no ‘end’ and there’s theoretically enough stuff for you to do until the end of time.  OK, maybe i’m exaggerating about the end of time thing, but it’s true in the fact that MMORPGs, by and large, have no end.  There is always an emphasis on long term goals, and enough content and incentive to play through the same dungeons or raids many many times.  

So for your MMO and MMORPG players out there, is there a point in your favorite game where you feel you have ‘completed’ the game?  Is it when you reach max level?  When you are equipped in the highest level gear?  When you’ve maxed out all of your crafting skills?  Or do you never feel you’ve completed the game, and that’s why you continue to play it?

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