EverQuest Call Of The Forsaken Expansion Delayed

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EverQuest Next may be today’s talking point of the critically acclaimed franchise but the original title is still going strong as EverQuest approaches its 20th expansion pack. MMORPG games today don’t have the guaranteed shelf life they once did and it’s not uncommon to see new games come and go on a weekly basis. However, EverQuest and Sony Online Entertainment have proven that quality can stand the test of time as the game celebrated its 14th anniversary earlier this year.

One of the most anticipated aspects of EverQuest Call of the Forsaken was heavily featured during this years SOE Live but it appears the developers feel it could do with a little more polish following the announcement of a release date delay. The customization with Mercenaries and their own AAs and power-added Armor feature will be introduced along with the other content in the expansion on October 8th, with the current closed beta running through until October 7th.

If you want to sign up for the Call of the Forsaken closed beta event, you can do so here.

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