EverQuest Designer Heading To Kickstarter

The Executive Producer on Vanguard and one of the original EverQuest designs, Brad McQuaid, recently posted a string of Tweets hinting at a possible Kickstarter project for a brand new MMO. The messages offer very little information in regards to the game itself but he does mention that it’s a high fantasy MMORPG with heavy ties to EverQuest and Vanguard.

The game is high fantasy and if you’ve played EQ 1 and/or Vanguard,
you’ve got a general idea of what the game’s about and what kind of questions to ask 🙂

Kickstarter video will be an interview w/ me. We want to include questions from all of you, so this will be a good format. Unused questions will either be used in future interviews and/or be
answered in our FAQ on our future web page. Super specific questions will likely be answered later as opposed to sooner. We’re excited to start this dialog with our future players! We hope to have our kickstarter page up in the next 3 weeks or so.

He later went on to ask fans and followers to submit questions relating to his new MMO project for the upcoming Kickstarter video. If you want to learn more about the game be sure to hit him up at his email address: aradune@hotmail.com.

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