SmashMuck Champions Gets Major New Update

Kiz Studios’ SmashMuck Champions may still be running in open beta but that hasn’t stopped the developers from releasing one of the biggest updates in the games history. The community driven free MOBA game has been treated to a host of new content today as Kiz Studios deploy the latest update; bringing with it brand new Champions, new arenas and the Skill Swap feature suggested by the games community.

The highlight of this weeks update is the introduction of Kovax Nobo, Astro Hobo. This unique Champion is the result of the PAX Prime 2013 player-created Champion event in which the community came together to create their unit for SmashMuck Champions.

New Champions:

  • Kovax Nobo, Astro Hobo
    The PAX Prime 2013 Player-Created Champion finally debuts!  An alien
    warrior fallen on hard times, Kovax fights so dirty his attacks
    literally poison his foes… and his years surviving on the streets have
    taught him how to steal power-ups for use in tight spots! 
  • Xavilla, Fire Witch: Xavilla’s
    attacks are as beautiful as they are deadly. Every knockout she earns
    generates a Ghost Lantern, which transforms her explosive attacks from
    solo blasts to a powerful cataclysmic reaction.

A feature that has been requested by the community for many moons has finally arrived, official control pad support. Players can now plug in the game pad of their choosing and use in-game options to customize their controls and actions.

So whether you want to wreak havoc with a new Champion or utilize your USB or Xbox 360 Controller, the latest SmashMuck Champions update has a little something for everybody.

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