EverQuest Next Cleric Class Reveal | SOE Live 2014

When EverQuest Next launches, it will come loaded with a staggering 40 different classes to choose from. Sony Online Entertainment debuted two classes with the EverQuest Next reveal at SOE Live 2013, and in similar fashion, took time to introduce three new classes at this year’s show, SOE Live 2014. Let’s take a look at one of the three, the Cleric:

EverQuest Next’s Cleric class won’t simply play as the backseat support to which they are typically confined in the MMO genre. Rather than standing on the sideline watching the user interface, Clerics will play an instrumental role in both combat and support. The class will focus on mobility and supplemental team benefits through attacks.

One move in particular, Intersession, sees the Cleric charging in a straight line into the heat of a battle. The attack does direct damage to enemies while also boosting ally armor in the immediate area. The class is still a support, but these new changes allow them to play a more integral role while still administering boosts.

Heavenly Dome is another example of the Cleric’s offensive support. Using the ability causes a heavenly AOE bubble to form over the battlefield. While cast, all enemies contained inside the dome take damage, while all allies receive stat boosts. It’s an extremely useful ability that could be instrumental in changing the tides of a fight.

Sony Online emphasized that Clerics in EverQuest Next are capable of going toe-to-toe with a Warrior class, considering they are strategic and smart with their use of abilities. Make sure to check out the Image Gallery screenshots above and the video below. Let us know what you think of this enhanced Cleric class in the comments.

EverQuest Next New Combat and Classes | SOE Live 2014

Three new classes were announced! Don’t forget to study up on EverQuest Next’s other new classes, the Elementalist and the Tempist.

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