The Darkened Sea Expansion Has Arrived!

Sony Online Entertainment released the latest installment in a long line of EverQuest expansions, The Darkened Sea, the 21st expansion to release since the games launch in 1999. As the latest addition to the ongoing “Year of EverQuest” campaign, The Darkened Sea promises players the opportunity to celebrate the games 15th anniversary in true style with the return of iconic characters and storylines through re-designed environments, all new locations and an increase in level cap to level 105.

The Darkened Sea sees 6 brand new zones introduced to EverQuest alongside 2 re-imagined zones that were previously available in the game. Arx Mentis, Brother Island, the Caverns of Endless Song, Combine Dredge, Degmar, Katta Castrum, Tempest Temple & Thuliasur Island deliver a mix of exciting new content and nostalgia with a careful blend of storytelling, difficult encounters and varying rewards.

The Darkened Sea also increases the maximum level to 105, accompanied by the necessary gear and equipment to offer additional incentive on the journey. New spells, AAs, items, quests, missions and raids have also been released.

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