New Event Launches As Conquer Online 3 Expectations Grow Higher

With the development of Conquer Online 3 (CO3) steadily progressing, and additional information surrounding CO3 being revealed all the time, players who adventure and fight alongside their comrades in the Conquer land have grown fonder and fonder of this epic fresh in-the-making game. The expectations for CO3 have grown much higher than previously imagined. And if you have great interest in Conquer Online 3, and would like to win one of the many prizes, the following event may sound even greater!

As astounding as this event is, it is very easy for players to win.  All you have to do is cast a vote that claims ?you expect CO3 so much?, and you will have a chance to win a New iPad, iPod, TQ Point Cards, Gift Packs in CO3, and the chances to experience CO3 first-hand! The lucky drawing takes place every Monday, which begins on Aug. 20th, and the first lucky winner will be drawn on the 27th, will you be the lucky one to win? Join us now to find out more here!

In the meantime, you can follow the official Conquer Online Facebook fan page to interact with us and get more up-to-date info!


About Conquer Online 3
Conquer Online 3 is a fresh take on the oriental style of free-to-play online games, while holding true to Conquer Online 1.0 ?s successful elements, including simple gameplay, multiple classes, Chinese martial arts, intensive PvP, as well as the special Rebirth system. In Conquer Online 3, the graphic will be much better and there will still be 7 unique classes to choose from, with each class having its own specialties in magic and skills. Players can guide their characters to challenge the fiercest monsters and bosses, collecting formidable gear, fighting side by side with their comrades and be the Conqueror!

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