Evony Review

Intro: Evony is a city building browser game and has been around for many years now and is likely to be around for many more. There are two versions of Evony, Age 1 and Age 2. The former is a favourite of players who like the crisp layout and clear-cut battle tactics that made Evony the game it is. The latter has better graphics and significant differences in regards to added features and younger players in particular prefer it to Age 1. Evony is great for players who like strategy, teamwork and problem solving. Join an alliance or create one and battle other alliances to become the greatest army in the lands!


You start off with a small town and limited resources. You must use these resources carefully to build your town into a thriving city with a grand army and enough resources to feed them. Eventually you gain titles and lands to build more and more cities.


The best part about Evony is the almost limitless strategy you can use against your opponents either on your own or teaming up with other players. Even the entire alliance can be mobilised into attacking a player or set of players.

Alliances are mighty forces and wars between them can be bloody, devastating and crippling. Alliances can also team up with other alliances to create mighty coalitions.

Evony has a multitude of troop types from simple warriors to fearsome stampedes of cavalry and superior catapult regiments. Troops can be timed to land crushing blows on enemy cities.

Cities also have wall defences that play a critical role in thwarting attacks and plunders.

Players can recruit heroes to protect their cities from invasion and also use them to spy and attack enemy cities. Politics based heroes can increase resource output from your city.

Just outside your kingdom’s walls are resource fields which output food to feed your troops and wood, iron and stone to use in building and recruitment of forces.

There are 10 ranks known as titles on Evony. Each title gives you an extra city. You start off as a civilian and rapidly progress to a knight before becoming a baronet. By collecting medals of different type you can ascend to the ultimate title of prinzessin.

The world map is split into different lands that alliances fight to control. An alliance that dominates a whole land had a distinct advantage.

If you are politically minded you can become an alliance leader or vice leader and enter a world of subterfuge and trickery. Make and break deals to land your alliance in top place. Or become a spy in another alliance and report back vital information to your leader.

Evony is definitely for people who like to play games using their brains and though it has seen better days, it remains one of the best browser games on the internet.
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