New Sci-Fi RTS, Novus AEterno Announced

Taitale Studio, a completely independent game studio,  has announced the release of their new game, Novus Aeterno, a sci-fi RTS game that takes place in a massive and persistent galaxy full of adventure and challenging threats. Taitale Studio also announced their new program, Novus Aeterno Infiltrator Program, a ground-breaking approach that allows gamers to test the game and have direct contact with the developers.

Novus Aeterno Infiltrator Program enables the help of gamers to approach Quality Assurance and Game Play Testing in a new light. Players interested in participating can register as a user and submit an application. As Taitale Studios puts it, ?If you can use a mouse you?re ?qualified?.? .

To learn more about Novus Aeterno and their new program head over to their website  for more information.

Novus Aeterno MMORTS OST Preview Denny Schneidemesser

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