Exciting Times Ahead For Marvel Heroes

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Gazillion Entertainment didn’t hold anything back at the San Diego Comic-Con as they released some exciting announcements for the popular action MMO game, Marvel Heroes. According to the popular developers the game has attracted over 1.5 million players since its launch in June, as such the team are responding with the reveal of the largest content update to grace the game so far.

The first major update will be hitting Marvel Heroes servers at the end of this month, introducing a massive variety of new content across the board. Some of the more exciting aspects of the update include a brand new hero in the form of the Human Torch, a favorite among Marvel fans and boasting more than 20 unique abilities. Players can expect new areas to explore and defend, such as the X-Men Mansion and there are also some extensive updates being made to the item system.

Players can look forward to finding new Unique Items, Relics and Super-Team Items, each offering far more methods of customization for each hero in your arsenal. For more detailed information on the contents of the next patch, you can read the official blog entry.

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