Experience EVE Online For 99 Cents

EVE Online is widely considered to be one of the greatest science-fiction MMO’s of our time and now you can experience this epic title from CCP Games for just 99 cents. The event begins as thousands of retailers launch their Black Friday sales to separate you from your hard earned cash, although 30 days of EVE Online for 99 cents really is quite the bargain. 

The event begins on November 29th in New York (05:00 UTC) and ends tomorrow at Midnight in California (08:00 UTC). This offer is only available to new accounts so sadly current players will not be able to get 30 days added to their subscription time. It is also worth noting that enticing friends to sign up for EVE Online’s Black Friday sale will not count towards the affiliate program.

All new users will also be able to select one of four unique frigates that have been designed to aid newbies in their exploration of EVE Online.

  • The striking, militaristic Sukuuvestaa Heron
  • The distinctly royal Sarum Magnate
  • The hard-shelled Vherokior Probe
  • The sleek Inner Zone Shipping Imicus

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