OuterWorlds Online Kickstarter Needs Support

With the constant flow of MMO games seeking Kickstarter support it’s no surprise that a few may slip through your fingers, but here’s one you may want to keep an eye on; OuterWorlds Online. If nothing else, the games questionable genre foundations are enough to pique interest:

OuterWorlds Online- A Massive Multiplayer, Multi-platform, RPG, RTS, Open Sandbox Space Exploration Game

Reading that out loud is quite the challenge but making a game fitting all of those genres couldn’t have been easy either. Should the game reach its funding goal of $35,000 NZD, the developers have promised to deliver an open-world sandbox experience that puts the player in control of their own path. Whether that be destroying your enemies with military might or pushing them out of the system with trade monopolization, the choice is up to you.

Accompanying the robust set of core features in a unique algorithmically
generated universe. This means that new planets are mapped and created as players continue to explore the ever-expanding universe, ensuring every gaming session offers unique challenges and opportunities.

If you want to read more about the features in OuterWorlds Online check out the official Kickstarter page.

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