Explore Destiny’s Universe With Planet View

In the build up to the upcoming launch of (arguably) the most hyped and anticipated game of this generation, Bungie are offering players the rare opportunity to explore the fantastic universe of Destiny in ways they’d never imagined.

The developers have released a brand new website that takes players on an interactive journey throughout the universe thousands of years into the future: a future where everything we thought we knew about our universe was proven wrong. Developed using Google Technologies, the new Destiny Planet View offers an immersive journey to Mars, Venus and the Moon, showing players just how vast the Destiny space truly is.

Exploring each area carefully, Destiny fans can unlock some exciting background information and lore as well as some general gameplay advice and hidden in-game incentives. If you’re trembling in anticipation for the September 9th release, this could be the fix you need. Check it out the Destiny Planet View.

Source: Press Release

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