It Was Valve That Destroyed The Dinosaurs

It has taken many Millenia for the truth to finally be within our grasp but now the answer to the ancient question is upon us – what really happened to the dinosaurs? Well, they took our cash, took our dreams, and disappeared into the sunset alongside several human like figures that were seen throwing bundles of cash into giant pools of dinosaur turd.

If none of that makes any sense to you, you’re one of the lucky few. A few months ago Fundora officially released their third-person dinosaur survival game onto Valve’s digital distribution platform as The Stomping Land took the Steam community by storm. The $114,000 raised on Kickstarter seemed to have been put to good use with a strong foundation of features, very impressive graphics and expertly modeled dinosaurs. It was a recipe for sure success.

That was until the development team all but disappeared. They ignored petitions on their own forums, totally denied the existence of the Steam community and then recently tried to sell a notion that they were working on a new engine. It’s safe to say with the utter crap they’ve been shoveling at people the last few months, The Stomping Land is the best it’s ever going to be.

Earlier today Valve officially removed the ability for players to purchase The Stomping Land on Steam. The game is still displayed on both the Steam client and browser marketplace, but players are not able to purchase the game directly.

There’s been no official word from Valve or Fundora but if the latter responds first, I’ll devour my first born.

Source: Kotaku

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