Explore The Highland’s Of Thadrea In Latest Dragon’s Prophet Update

Infernum Productions and Sony Online Entertainment are proud to announce the immediate release of the latest Dragon’s Prophet update, introducing a brand new zone as players explore the dangerous beauty of the Thadrea highland’s. The new content delivers an enthralling story of dark magic and royal intrigue as players explore a variety of new quests & dungeons with the hopes of learning the cause of these recent and strange events.

Alongside the new quest and dungeons comes a variety of new dragons and the highly anticipated increase in level cap, raising the new limit to level 102. Players can now enjoy the challenges on offer in Thadrea alongside Tonapah Tomb and Mictlan’s Corridor, two brand new Legendary Dungeons that are sure to put even the most skilled of Dragon’s Prophet players to the test.

Infernum Productions also announced that the new Crystal War event has also been released with this latest update – tasking players with the sacrificing of precious crystals to earn the right to challenge a deadly selection of summoned bosses. Potential rewards including weapons, equipment and new dragon eggs that can unlock the new dragons introduced with the Thadrealln update.

Dragon's Prophet - Discover Thadrea!

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