FairFight Deployed In APB: Reloaded

Reloaded Games today revealed that they have been working closely with a new anti-cheat tool with the hopes of cleaning up the toxic community of APB: Reloaded, and it appears to be working. The latest update, titled Open Conflict, has seen the introduction of the new Fair Fight feature, a popular server-side anti-cheat mechanic that has made an appearance in other popular shooters including Battlefield and Titanfall.

Unlike other anti-cheat tools, Fair Fight doesn’t ban in the shadows – it names and shames every account that is discovered to be using cheats. The developers have posted a list of 200 names with some shocking statistics. Some of the accounts proven to be cheating are over 3 years old with over 800 hours of game time. A slightly more comical stat is that some of these cheaters have a K/D ratio as low as 0.35, proving that using cheats doesn’t necessarily make someone a deadly opponent.

The Open Conflict update also introduces a brand new matchmaking mode that means quicker games against available opponents. APB: Reloaded isn’t known for its amazing matchmaking balancing and a new queue mode that actually removes all skill and ability from the algorithm which some would say isn’t any different to the previous matchmaking tool.

Source: Official Blog

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