Lineage II’s Free Content Expansion is Now Live

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NCSOFT, the world’s premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games, today released Ertheia, the next free content expansion for Lineage II, one of the longest-running MMOs in history. Ertheia brings together events more than ten years in the making, reuniting Einhasad’s four original races as a result of a dimensional rift. And together, they hope to put an end to Shilen, the Goddess of Destruction. 

Along with adding a chapter to what has become an epic storyline spanning more than a decade, this expansion brings a host of new content for players both new and old. In the expansion, players can enjoy a new playable race – the Ertheia, acrobatic warriors and powerful wizards for which the expansion was named – a timed instance, new hunting zones and thrilling adventures. 

Players who have paused in their pursuit of justice are invited to return and claim a Welcome Back Pack to help them get back into fighting shape. And players who create new characters will find some very helpful items in their inventory to make their journey easier, including a free mount! 

More information about the Ertheia expansion, its contents and player incentives can be found at 

Lineage II
Lineage II is one of NCSOFT’s most venerated franchises, celebrating more than 10 years of operation in North America. Originally launched in April 2004, it continues to deliver new content to players on a regular basis. In November 2011, Lineage II became the first NCSOFT game to adopt the Truly Free™ model, abolishing the subscription fee and making it free to all players. 

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