Fear Has Evolved In Halloween ARK Celebrations

The Jurassic environment of ARK: Survival Evolved darkens as developers Studio Wildcard announce a selection of exciting events this Halloween including spooky quests, a DodoWyvern, the legendary Dino Skeletons and Clowns. The ultimate Halloween event from last year returns as Fear Evolved 2 brings similar content from 2015s event and mixes it up with a ton of new stuff to bring in Halloween 2016.

ARK: Survival Evolve is also currently available on Steam for a discounted price of $14.98, $29.99 after the event. ARK: Scorched Earth, the first premium expansion, is also available at a discounted price with 30% off selling for $13.99. The sale for both titles ends on November 1st.

ARK: Fear Evolved 2!

Fear Evolved 2 is already underway in ARK: Survival Evolved and will continue through until November 6th. The day and night cycle has been changed as night falls quickly and makes way for some spooky themed enemies including Skelesaurs, Dodo-Rexes, Zombie Dodos and more.

Source: Press Release

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