Steven Seagal Joins The Ranks Of Commander In World Of Warships

Wargaming have managed to achieve the impossible – they’ve made Steven Seagal relevant and exciting again. The developers of critically acclaimed World of Tanks today announced an exciting addition to the naval combat MMO, World of Warships, as the community now have the chance to add Steven Seagal to the commanders seat of their most powerful vessels.

The brand new, limited time special event is now available in World of Warships and will continue through until December 14th. During that time players will need to login and play in Random, Ranked, Team or Co-op battle modes and earn at least 70,000 experience points to unlock Steven Seagal for use.

They said it was impossible. They said it was madness. They were wrong. Using only the most cutting-edge technology, World of Warships has digitally distilled Steven Seagal’s zen wisdom and martial prowess into a Commander for your American ships! Make the executive decision to add this Commander to your reserves! Enter dark territory as you and Seagal set out for justice! [/quote]

It is currently unknown if having Steven Seagal aboard your ship provides any bonuses to the mess hall.

Source: Official Website

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