Fenrir Patch Is Now Live In SMITE

The latest patch for the highly popular MOBA games, SMITE, is now live and along with the addition of the much requested Fenrir, Hi-Rez have impressed with a variety of other add-ons.

The new God, Fenrir, has been a requested addition for many months and basing my conclusion from forum postings, a good portion of the community are happy with the delivery. Many have said that he has issues in early game, causing far too much damage and having far too much sustain, but from an overall game point of view, Fenrir is a welcomed addition that won’t require much balancing in coming weeks.

Other changes in this weeks patch include the introduction of Voice Packs. This new feature is another option for players wishing to purchase premium currency. These packs will activate in-game voices for the God’s they’re purchased for, calling out MIA’s and other in-game actions with a voice different to that of the typical announcer.

Ne Zha, the God added prior to Fenrir’s introduction, also had some love and attention. However, to the shock of many this was not in the form of a nerf. One of his abilities was incorrectly displaying a 150% increase, when in reality it was only 50%. The description has been changed to reflect the real damage caused but Hi-Rez Studios haven’t actually changed any aspects of Ne Zha play.

One of the most successful additions this patch was He Bro, a brand new skin and animation set for the popular God of the Yellow River, He Bo. Taking on the appearance of a surfer suffering a mid-life crisis, many a forum goer have praised Hi-Rez for their imagination and creativity in this new skin.

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