Fez is out now!

FEZ, a brand new game from Polytron, is now available from the Xbox Live Arcade. In the game you play as Gomez a small 2D creature living in a plain 2D world. Until an ancient, powerful artifact shows him the existence of a third Dimension.

The game is available here for only 800 Microsoft points. FEZ brings a whole new level to the 2D scroller style games. By 2D maps with the option of rotating, flipping or turning into another 2D section. In this way you are always playing a 2D scroller but you have to think of it as 3D. The game is unlike anything I have played, although it may seem a little reminiscent of Super Mario Galaxy . With the simple click of a button your world will rotate and your perspective will change drastically. Check out the trailer to see more!


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