Tribes: Ascend finally available

Yesterday from Atlanta, Hi-Rez Studios, a well-known developer of AAA free-to-play online games, announced the official release of Tribes: Ascend. The game is a fast-paced multiplayer sci-fi shooter. With Beta testing all completed the PC game is now available for digital download from the official site here. Whether you’re flying with a jetpack, skiing down a slope, or driving a vehicle, Tribes: Ascend will have something for you!

The Tribes: Ascend digital download includes 9 playable classes with 5 game-modes and 16 unique maps to battle it out in. The newest additions being the capture the flag map Raindance and a new game mode called ?capture the hold.” The Release map also showcased the custom server functionality that will be available to players soon. The beta had over 575k players with 150 million kills, and 3 million flag captures! Hi-Rez Studios’ COO was quoted saying, ?For the past 15 months, we?ve had a very passionate dev team working hard toward this goal. Along the way some publishers told us modern gamers couldn?t handle an FPS that was fast-paced and skill-based. We believe otherwise. Players seem to agree since we?ve had well over 500,000 join our Beta. We?re excited to now grow the community further with the official release.?

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