Fiesta Online Adding Browser Support

Fiesta Online developer Outspark is listening to player feedback to create a cross-platform game. Outspark aims to expand its player base and make it easier for current players to access its games by releasing a browser MMO version of Fiesta Online in addition to the current download client. The browser-based version will complement the original game and only provide a different means to play ? it?s not intended as a replacement.

Bringing the game into a browser makes it easier for players to check in on their characters from other locations ? think about checking in on your characters while you?re spending the holidays with your family, for example. It?s a smart move when working on MMO games ? the more ways players have to stay connected to the community, the more they?re going to play your game. Accessibility is an important function of Fiesta Online, and Outspark is working full time to ensure everyone has a shot.

?With such a large fan following we hear plenty of opinions on what players want,? said CEO Philip Yun. ?In preparation for more content coming in the future, we wanted to provide old and new players more ways to enjoy and play their favorite MMO.?

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