Glitch Being "Unlaunched" to Add Features

Developer Tiny Speck has ?unlaunched? 2D browser based MMO ?to make the early game reveal itself more easily to new players.? The ?unlaunching? will push the game back to a beta development stage before it is released again.

It?s worth noting that the game will still be online, for the most part, and that most players shouldn?t experience too much of a difference from their usual Glitch experience. Invites to the game will still be available, and the development team will be interacting with the MMO?s community in order to make sure the changes they make are the ones that players want.

Tiny Speck?s press release says, ?making radical changes to core game mechanics is something that?s a lot harder to do while the front doors are open and we have to focus on scaling to support growth, stability and providing the quality of service we aim to achieve for the live game.? Given the strange circumstances, players can request refunds for any purchased store items ? a fair approach for rebalancing a game.

There?s no real timeframe on how long the game is going to take to get back to full retail, so in the meantime you?ll just have to wait it out.

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