Fiesta Online – Biggest Expansion In History

Today marks one of the greatest days in history for fans of Gamigo’s Anime-MMORPG game, Fiesta Online.  And why do you ask?  Well that’s because they are introducing the largest expansion in the history of the game.  “Ascension to Adelia” will bring 6 nw zones, more than 80 new monsters, 160 exciting new quests and 300 unique items.  And that’s just the beginning!  There are many more treasures to be found in this update for Fiesta Online!  

“Ascension to Adelia” carries the players off to the enchanting new regions in Fiesta Online, right in the middle of which the village of Adelia floats high above in the clouds. The heroes can only get to the wonderful settlement by an exciting ride on the back of a giant bird Three new skills per character class bring some variety into the everyday adventure which have a large influence on the style of fighting. In addition, there are three completely new armor sets for every class.

There have also been some big changes in the quest system. Daily Quests have now been introduced which are not dependent on the level of the player. These can be completed anew everyday in order to collect fame points. These special quests include both the popular Kingdom Quests as well as instances. The interface has also received a vast improvement whereby quests are now shown in colors. Addition information as well as notifications substantially increase the convenience of questing.

The most important new features and content in “Ascension to Adelia” at a glance:

  • 6 new maps including Adelia, the village in the clouds
  • 300 new items (including 3 completely new armor sets for every character class!)
  • 160 new, exciting quests
  • More than 80 new monsters
  • 2 new instance bosses
  • A new, hard to beat world boss
  • 3 new skills per character class with which the style of fighting will change
  • The maximum level has been increased from 110 to 115
  • Completely reworked quest interface
  • Daily Quests for players of all levels

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