Otherland Goes Free-To-Play


The long-awaited science-fiction MMORPG Otherland was originally meant to be launching under a buy-to-play banner but today developers Gamigo announced that the Open Beta of the revised version of the game is now available to download and play for free, commencing August 30th. To prepare for the release of today’s new Open Beta client the … Read more

Otherland Launches Closed Beta After Yearlong Absence

Otherland News

Drago Entertainment today announced the beginning of the closed beta testing period for the highly anticipated MMORPG based on the fictional writings of Tadd Williams, Otherland. Invited players can now explore the entirely revamped world of Otherland, complete with its visually impressive cyberpunk themed game world and virtual reality backdrop. Otherland was originally intended to … Read more

UFO Online – Closed Beta Keys

[keys id=129156]MMO ATK and Gamigo have teamed up to offer fans of the website beta access to their brand new tactical browser game UFO Online: Fight for Earth.  For your chance to play UFO Online before the open beat begins in May redeem your code below!

[heading]How to Redeem Key[/heading]1. Log in or Register for your MMO ATK account
2. Go to the UFO Online website and click the register key in the top right
3. Enter in your info followed by the beta key you receive below
4. Check your e-mail to confirm registration and play UFO Online!

[heading]UFO Online Release Trailer[/heading]

UFO Online | Gameplay Trailer


[stat=Free to Play]Yes[/stat]
[stat=Download Size]TBA[/stat]
Otherland is a Sci Fi fantasy RPG that delivers powerful graphics. Wrapped in the Unreal Engine 3, Otherland delivers a large scale environment that wows. Living in this world is fully realized and has a strong back story from the book it is based on by Tod Williams. This is no MMO that is satisfied with one type of environment. The different areas span all different types of spaces that span a steam punk world all the way to medieval castles.

The game not only looks beautiful but plays like a dream as well. There are four different classes, the Marksman, the Warrior, the Assassin and the Energizer. Each have a specific toolset for taking care of enemies and also working together against enemies in PvE. Any class can use any weapon allowing for players to switch roles on the playfield. There also is a heavy switching of weapons mechanic that spices up battle nicely. All and all, Otherland makes every battle type completely customizable.

Customization extends much further than just play style though. Characters themselves can be changed heavily in appearance be it body type and clothing. Almost any piece of clothing can be worn by any class or character type. In Otherland you can really make your character feel like it is your perfect avatar.

Otherland?s vast sprawling environments, class systems and customization make it a perfect game for the MMORPG fan. Check out the link above to dive into the world of Otherland. A Sci Fi fantastical world awaits!

Otherland Weekend Beta Begins August 31st

Fans of the action MMORPG developed by RealU, Otherland, should be marking down this upcoming weekend on their calendars. Only a few selected players will be able to try out the game this weekend. Florian H?rpel, Product Manager for Otherland: “A small, manageable group of accounts will be given access to the servers for the first closed-beta weekend. This is because we want to get a feel for the limits of the systems.” Otherland is based off of a novel written by Tad Williams.

Shooter MMO Game, Grimlands, Making Great Progress In Beta

Gamigo’s post-apocalyptic shooter MMO, Grimlands, has been in the closed beta phase since April 2012. In the meantime the game has done a lot. To the biggest expansions belong the eight new dungeons including an array of quests, over 70 new quests, and four completely new regions (Reville, Greenville, Hartfield, and Mutant Valley) which have been introduced into the game.