FIFA World Open Beta Arrives

Electronic Arts today revealed the start of open beta testing for the free-to-play downloadable soccer game, FIFA World. The game has enjoyed 4 successful closed beta testing events which provided the developers with huge volumes of feedback resulting in many changes for the open beta including the introduction of a brand new, keyboard-only control system.

four Closed Beta sessions and a limited Open Beta, where we saw over
1.5 million fans register to play, we’re very excited to now open the
game to FIFA and football fans from all over the world” said EA SPORTS FIFA World
Producer Alex Grimbley. “This is a real opportunity for fans to affect
the development of a new game and the feedback we’ve gotten so far has
been absolutely instrumental in shaping our feature roadmap.”

The game has been developed by the award-winning team at EA Canada, offering players a free-to-play version of the incredibly popular FIFA franchise with many elements made famous by the traditional retail games. Console-like high-definition gameplay, FIFA Ultimate Team and 16,000 players from over 60 clubs in 30 officially licensed leagues await.

Other exciting features arrived with the open beta launch including a new feature to compliment player Seasons, Accomplishments. The new Accomplishments system provides players with dynamic tasks based on scenarios and events from the real world of soccer with bragging rights as a reward.

For more information check out the open beta trailer below and head on over to the official website.

Source: Press Release

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