J!NX and Psyonix Team Up To Launch Rocket League Apparel Line

Rocket League

The independent creative force behind critically acclaimed Rocket League, Psyonix, today announced an exciting new partnership that will see a new line of apparel available to players based on the indie smash-hit. J!NX will be working alongside the team to produce high-quality apparel from the Rocket League title including an array of interesting clothing items. … Read more

3on3 Freestyle Basketball Free On PlayStation 4

3on3 Freestyle

Joycity today announced the Open Beta launch of an exciting new PlayStation 4 exclusive, 3on3 Freestyle. The highly anticipated, fast-past street basketball game is now available to download for free for all members of the PlayStation 4 community with a US account – no official word on a European release. [quote cite=”Ando Tetsuya, President of … Read more

Rocket League Game Of The Year Edition Now Available

Rocket League

Independent developer Psyonix, the creative minds behind the critically acclaimed and incredibly successful Rocket League, today announced an exciting new bundle for fans as the Game of the Year Edition is now available to purchase on PlayStation 4 and Steam. Players can pick up the Game of the Year Edition bundle for $24.99/£19.99 and it … Read more

Ubisoft’s Upcoming Snowboarding Game Steep Opens Beta Sign Ups


Ubisoft’s upcoming entry into the online sports world, the award-winning Steep that scooped the Best Sports Game at this years E3 Game Critics Award, is prepping to enter a Closed Beta testing phase as today the developers announce the opening of registrations across multiple platforms. Steep is scheduled for release on December 2nd although the … Read more

New Football (Soccer) MMO Hits Steam Greenlight

90 Minutes Fever

An exciting new Football (soccer) MMO appeared on Steam Greenlight recently as developers Isgkron hope to tempt players into the adrenaline-fueled world of online football management with an interesting set of features and a persistent online game world. 90 Minute Fever is described as an accessible yet deep online experience that will allow players to … Read more

Freestyle2: Street Basketball MMO Arrives On Steam

Freestyle2 Street Basketball 1280x720

Joymax are inviting players to bring their A-game with the Steam release of an exciting new sports MMO, Freestyle2: Street Basketball. Freestyle Street Basketball fans will undoubtedly recognize obvious similarities with Freestyle2: Street Basketball and with good reason, it’s a direct successor to the now-closed MMO and features the same grit, style and huge levels … Read more

FIFA World

FIFA World

FIFA World is a free to play football MMO that launched worldwide on May 20th 2014. FIFA World is based off the popular FIFA series currently available on consoles.

FIFA is arguably EA Sport’s most popular sports franchise around the world, so it only makes sense that EA would adopt the free-to-play model to a game featuring the world’s most popular sport.

FIFA World takes a lot of queues from its console brethren in presentation and gameplay although the berth of features, gameplay mechanics, and graphical fidelity are lessened somewhat.

Much of this is intentional as FIFA World is not intended to cannibalize on the sales of the main franchise. Instead, the game proves to be a solid, casual football experience that can be picked up and played by sports fans of all skill levels.

There are two principle game modes: Ultimate Team and League Teams. Ultimate Team lets you create your own football club, complete with uniform, game ball, and stadium customization. You start off with a rather mediocre roster of real players and can obtain player packs through spending real money or currency earned through matches to mix and match players across various leagues.

New team members can be bid on, bought immediately, or traded to and from other players.

Players can then take their team into matches against the computer or against real players. Win enough matches and you receive more money to spend on further team customization.

League Teams mode is online-only and lets you chose your favorite real-world football club in one-on-one matches against live players. I appreciate that real-world clubs are included in the game, but it would be nice to play as them in single-player matches when you’re just looking to beat up on some computer AI or because you’re just looking to quickly jump in and out of a game. Also, League Team matches use match credits. Lose all of your match credits and you are unable to play for a certain amount of time. While match credits can be purchased for real money, you can also buy them with in-game currency. Being good at the game is also its own reward as winning matches helps match credits replenish faster.

Graphically, the game is a slight step behind the mainstream console titles, but this is likely due to allow for the game to be run across a variety of hardware combinations. The game looks solid enough and ran at a consistent 60 frames per second throughout.

The gameplay seems slightly simplified as well. Again, this is likely a conscious decision to broaden the appeal of the game and to also allow the game to be played without a gamepad. The game offers three control schemes – Mouse & Keyboard, Keyboard Only, and Controller. To be brutally honest, I hated the Keyboard and Keyboard & Mouse control schemes. While they were functional, they were far from accurate, and I never felt like I had full control over what I was doing. Plugging in a game pad makes FIFA World feel much more akin to the console games, and it’s much better for it. I’m not saying the other control schemes are impossible to learn, but save yourself some frustration and invest in a game pad if you want to truly enjoy FIFA World.

Overall, FIFA World is a fun time for football fans, and for a free download, it’s certainly worth a look. Check out the game on Origin or head over to easportsfifaworld.com to learn more about it. If you enjoyed this first impressions video, click the like button and subscribe to our Youtube channel for more gaming news, reviews, giveaways, and other general randomness.

SNOW Early Access Gameplay | First Impressions

Kirk and MMO ATK take a look at Poppermost Productions Open World Sports MMO SNOW.  After a shaky start to the game, Kirk finally got his groove when the developer, Poppermost, showed up on the stream to let him know how to play.
Go to [timer]2040[/timer] to see Poppermost join the stream.
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Shot Online Summer Play Pack Giveaway ($20 Value)

[keys id=129156]MMO ATK and GamesCampus have teamed up to offer fans of Shot Online an exclusive Summer Play Pack that includes $20 worth of in-game items to play action Golf MMO.

Shot Online isn?t just an online
sports game, but a highly accurate simulation, with deep role-playing
elements.  These RPG qualities are what
make Shot Online the addictive game it is, with community interaction alongside
character levels and enhancements.
Offering realistic and rare items drawn from the lauded history of the
professional sport of golf, practice can only make perfect!  Quests, item trades and exchanges, character
abilities and more await players teeing off in Shot Online.  Keep your wits sharp and your clubs handy.

[heading]How To Redeem Your Summer Play Pack[/heading]1. Login in Register for your MMO ATK account
2. Register or Login to the GamesCampus website
3. Go to ‘My Account’ and click on ‘Coupon’
4. Enter the code from below and click ‘Use’
5. Choose the character you would like to give the package to

[heading]What’s Included In The Summer Play Pack[/heading]

*7 Days Free Gold Plus Membership*

1) 2x Experience from courses

2) 2x NG from courses

3) 50% off repair fees

4) Free Driver and EXP Putter from
NPC Melias

5) Green fees for yourself are
totally free PLUS 50% discount for a companion’s greens fee

*NOTE: Discounted Mastery Mode Green

6) 10% discount on item prices from
NPC vendors.

(This does not include items from the
item mall)

7) Locker fee is free

8) Trade fee is free (trade between
gold+/gold platinum is free)

9) User may define custom skins game

10) The Gold Plus memberships allow
access to two more lockers!

-Fedora A100 : Resets all stats up to
100 stat points(excepted base stat).

-Zodiac Plus 100 : Enhanced Zodiac
with all stats +4.

-Cyma II : Obtain treble Play’s prize
for 250 holes.

-Mageia Plus D2 : Double Experience

– shine clothes set 7 days(shirt,pants,cap,shoes,glove).

– Mulligan(5) : A card that gives the
ability to have a mulligan.Automatically takes effect in a mulligan applied

– FF Ticket II : This ticket makes
ball speed faster.

– KJ Choi Card Level 10 – K(1day) : When a
card is used, it is registered as an avatar. (Additional EXP 35%)
[heading]Shot Online Trailer[/heading]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffBKMP7OkeE

Goal United

[stat=Publisher]Northworks Software GMBH[/stat]
[stat=Developer]Northworks Software GMBH[/stat]
[stat=Genre]Football Manager[/stat]
[stat=Free to Play]Yes[/stat]
[stat=Download Size]NA[/stat]
[/review]Experience the most detailed and fine tuned Soccer manager online today. Goal United received multiple awards at various gaming conventions, and still dominates its niche in today’s gaming market.

Worldwide Multiplayer Action!

Compete with hundreds of thousands of international managers. This isn’t about twitch reactions and who can press buttons faster. Goal United will test your mental metal. With hundreds of cards affecting the individual players on your team as well as overall team strategy, there will be no easy path to victory in Goal United.

It’s Free!

Play friendly matches, cup and league matches every week for free. No downloads are required either.

More action

The Goal United play-off system really gives a sense that each game matters as you battle for the Cup. When your team’s reputation is on the line, each game matters. No pressure!

Own stadium complex

Increase your income and promote your players by building your own stadium environment. A great soccer team is nothing without funding. Can you acquire advertising and sell enough tickets to keep the top players’ pay roll flowing?

Manager career

Customize your avatar to specialize in tactics you prefer. Only by taking full advantage of the strengths of your coach and the strengths of your team will you find yourself holding the World Cup in the end.