Final 2013 Casualty As Lunia Shuts Down

The end of 2013 seems to have been the Kryptonite of free-to-play MMO gaming following the closure of Prius Online & Mythos Global but there was still time for a final casualty as the developers, ALLM,  confirm the January 1st closing of Lunia.

According to an older post on the Facebook page by ALLM “Lunia Global Free Server Service is non-profitable service” that will temporarily close until a time when the development team have more funding and manpower to run Lunia, a game that was approaching its 8th year of service.

This is the official announcement left on the Facebook page:

Hello, fans of Lunia.  I am here to announce our final service maitenance schedule.  On following day, we will close down all game service with gaming account, password and 2nd password somewhere secured.  We
will save all game data as well as your account date so when we open
the service again, you can start off the game as you used to before.  Here is our maintenance schedule. Thanks for everything.  Please be well.

The developers had hoped to attract enough funding from the community to help cover the $20,000 monthly costs incurred by the game but the older posts states that only 1% of the needed funding was raised. It’s unlikely that we’ll see Lunia make another appearance but not impossible.

Source: Lunia Facebook

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