Final Fantasy XIV Expansion Stormblood To Introduce Red Mage Job

Tokyo recently played host to 2016s Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival where Square Enix announced the second expansion for FFXIV, Stormblood, that will release in North America, Europe and Japan on June 20th. Players will have the opportunity to begin pre-ordering the Stormblood expansion on January 24th, with exclusive bonuses offered to early purchases.

There was a plethora of new features, mechanics and content discussed at the festival. The highly anticipated Red Mage job will be making its debut as a ranged magic damage class with access to chainspell skills and special melee attacks. Many areas of Eorzea will promise new avenues of exploration as Swimming and Diving features will allow players to explore the various rivers, lakes and seas.

Additionally, The Bend of Time, will be a new high-level raid that will provide challenging and rewarding content for players at end-game level.

Source: Press Release

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