Guild Wars 2 Player Reaches Gold Cap

Guild Wars 2 was originally released back in 2012 so you may be surprised to hear that it has taken nearly 5 years for the community to discover the cap limit on the amount of Gold you can hold. Personally I struggled to maintain a regular Gold flow over 100 Gold but one particular player shared their experiences on Reddit as Numerix informed the Guild Wars 2 community of his achievement reaching the Gold Cap limit – an achievement that is not actually recognized in-game.

[quote cite=”Numerix, Reddit”]Today I reached 200,000g (two hundred thousand gold) and with it the maximum you can store in your wallet. You will see it at in some houres. But I’m not really happy about it, because my target is (was) the million. And the worst of all is the fact, that there is no hidden Archivement or Title if you reach the end of the wallet 🙁

It’s not quite the million he was hoping for but it’s still an impressive feat to add to any MMO dating bio. That’s a thing right?

Source: Reddit

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