Final Fantasy XIV Getting Achievements

The ever-changing and much maligned Final Fantasy XIV is getting another upgrade, one that will hopefully bring the game a little bit closer to its actual, official launch. Patch 1.20 adds player achievements, which allow the collection of points for tracking progress and the unlocking of special titles and items for characters.

Square Enix is working hard to encourage players to stick around while it works out the last few issues with the MMORPG, which has been free to play since server issues and other glaring game problems forced the company to suspend subscription fees. With charges resuming January 6, it?s obvious that Square needs to get all of its ducks in a row if it wants players to offer up their credit cards.

The upgrades should hold players over until Version 2.0, which is still slated for some time in 2012. Let?s hope the wait is worth it. In time, Final Fantasy XIV will hopefully become the browser MMO that players initially expected, if not necessarily the one of which they dreamed. Final Fantasy XIV still has potential ? it?s all up to Square Enix now.

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