Final Fantasy XIV PlayStation 4 Beta Ready For Download

Square Enix today announced that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn players are now able to download the free PlayStation 4 open beta client ahead of this weekends test. The beta testing event goes underway this Saturday, February 22nd, and is expected to run for an entire week until Sunday, March 2nd.

Characters created during the beta event will be restricted to reaching a maximum of level 20 and character information will be wiped after the event. It’s currently unclear whether or not PlayStation 3 players will be able to port their characters over to the PlayStation 4 version prior to official release, but it’s not expected.

It’s great news for PlayStation 3 fans as many elements of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn are not totally stable on Sony’s last generation console. Limits of on-screen characters have meant many of the large-scale battles leave PlayStation 3 players fighting invisible foes and avoiding invisible attacks. It is hoped that the additional power available to the PlayStation 4 will allow for a much smoother console experience.

All PlayStation 3 players will be given the opportunity to upgrade to the PlayStation 4 version without charge.

Source: Press Release

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