Final Fantasy XIV Surpasses FFXI’s Peak

Despite suffering from the traditional poor MMO launch Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the latest MMO from Square Enix, has surpassed the most profitable Final Fantasy game in history. During its peak time Final Fantasy XI boasted an impressive 500,000 active subscribers with other 2 million characters but Final Fantasy XIV has already surpassed that figure as Square Enix announce 600,000 subscribed players are currently active within the game.

Square Enix also announced their plans to increase the games popularity further with an upcoming launch in China. Over 1.45 million units have been sold since the original release including 1.1 million retail discs and over 350,000 digital downloads.

Subscriber numbers usually take a large dip in the months following launch but with the massive 2.1 update scheduled to arrive in December, we may have yet to see Final Fantasy XIV’s true peak.

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