The Assassin Detailed For Black Gold Online

Deadly agents that stalk the shadows, Snail Games USA today revealed additional details for The Assassin in the highly anticipated action MMORPG, Black Gold Online. In the unrest that has swallowed the world of Isenhorst, The Assassin’s espionage abilities play a vital role is the dispatching of potential threats deep behind the enemies front lines.

The developers released a new image that highlights the leveling potential, dueling capabilities, PvP and PvE strengths and the demand for The Assassin in group and instanced content.

Following the traditional archetype for melee stealth classes The Assassin is able to attack their enemies with brutal efficiency, stalking their foes from the shadows before releasing a burst of explosive close-range damage. Players will be able to choose the exciting role as Buvont Humans and Lokemean Dwarves, both with the ability to wield daggers and short swords with medium armor.

For more information on The Assassin class in Black Gold Online, click here.

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