Experience Eorzea In Reality

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Despite a rocky launch day Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has already smashed a world record, and a new video shows a unique take on gaming PR. As of today, August 30th, Final Fantasy XIV and Square Enix hold the world record for the most concurrent connections with a staggering 218,000 players exploring Eorzea. Defeating their own record set just yesterday, Square Enix are delighted with the response from fans and this is expected to grow even higher once the server congestion issues have been resolved.

A new video has surfaced showcasing a rather unique way of getting fans to experience Eorzea first-hand. Currently only available in Shibuya, Japan, the massive screen records player movement and matches those with animations from Final Fantasy XIV characters on-screen. Sadly they can only copy basic movement and waving but it’s still pretty impressive.

Something you may not know. The most profitable Final Fantasy title of all time was actually released over 10 years ago in the form of Final Fantasy XI. Just a bit of trivia I thought I’d throw in there.

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