FireFall – Hosting First Live-streaming Event, FireFall Fest

Red 5 Studios is inviting players to join its first ever FireFall live-stream event called FireFall Fest.FireFall is a sci-fi MMO shooter set in a future Earth. This event is hosted by the developers and a cast of outstanding popular internet personalities. There will be a six day gathering filled with interactive gaming and giveaways and never-before-seen content.

Daily prizes sponsored by AMD Gaming Evolved and Razer? include:
? AMD Powered Gaming Desktop
? Razer Blade Gaming Laptop

? Razer Taipan Expert Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse
? Razer Goliathus Mouse Pad
? Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Gaming Keyboard

Some of the celebrity internet personalities that will be attending are: Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton; Athene and Reese; Team Unicorn; Mega 64; Day[9]; Household Hacker; Complexity Gaming; Mr Sark and SeaNanners; Live on Three featuring djWHEAT; Extra Credits; Nathan Fillion and Alison Haislip.

The event will be taking place on October 22nd until the 26th on the Red Studio 5?s official channel ( from 10am until 1pm and 3pm until 6pm PDT. It will also be held on October 27th from 3pm until 6pm PDT.

If you?d like some more information on Firefall Fest visit:

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