EverQuest & EverQuest II Expansions Have a Release Date

Sony Online Entertainment has announced a launch date for the next two expansions to the EverQuest franchise at SOE Live. EverQuest?s 19th expansion, Rain of Fear, is set to be launched on November 19th, 2012. The 9th expansion to EverQuest II, Chains of Eternity, is set to launch a little earlier on November 13th, 2012.

EverQuest picks up the story that started with House of Thule and the death of Cazic-Thule, takes on a new twist with Rain of Fear. EverQuest Rain of Fear delivers new content to explore as well as exciting new features and must-have in-game items. Lastly, don’t miss out on reaching the new level cap! Rain of Fear now allows your character to level to an unprecedented 100!

EverQuest II will bring a new level increase to 95, prestige abilities and new game items only available with this expansion, such as adornments that become more powerful with your character. Also, explore new content in two overlands in the spirit realm, and experience adventure with new dungeons and quests. Put right the imbalance in the Ethernere!

Both of the games run for $39.99 USD for the regular digital edition and if you pre-order the Collector?s Digital Edition, it is $59.99, but it will go up to $89.99 once the pre-orders are over.

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