First Official Details On The Elder Scrolls Online Housing System

During a recent interview the Game Director of The Elder Scrolls Online, Matt Firor, discussed the first official details on one of the games most anticipated and discussed features since launch, player housing. The video interview, featured below, is only brief but offers players their first insight into the upcoming player housing in The Elder Scrolls Online that is expected to launch sometime Q1 2016 alongside information on the recently released Open Tamriel that removed all level restrictions on current and future content.

Elder Scrolls Online: One Tamriel - Housing Reveal!

Sadly it doesn’t appear as though housing will function in the open-world setting, instead sticking to traditional MMO routes with instanced housing. There is however still plenty of reasons to get excited with free housing for all players, furniture crafting system, account-wide support and hundreds of items for customizing your very own home in Tamriel.


  • 3 House sizes (small, medium, large) themed after each of the 10 races – 30 houses + DLC areas
  • Free apartment through quest with housing launch
  • Upgrade to bigger houses with in-game gold
  • Houses account-wide for all characters
  • New furniture crafting system for crafters to furnish their house and SELL the furniture they can make
  • Invite players/guilds into your house
  • Decorate your house with hundreds of housing items “any way you want”
  • Own multiple homes


Source: Reddit, YouTube

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