Gloria Victis Welcomes Brand New PvP Map & Global Events

Black Eye Games have launched yet another in a long line of weekly updates for the highly anticipated Gloria Victis as the team introduce a huge array of Global Events alongside vast improvements to the PvP system and competitive map. Players will want to pay extra attention to the areas surrounding Twinfall, Leaktown and Audunstede as the developers have implemented 20 brand new global events that offer players the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a new experience points pool for leveling characters.

Alongside the introduction of global events is a long list of improvements, fixes and new features for players to sink their teeth into.


  • Improved NPCs behavior in combat – from now on their attack speed as well as blocking and kicking efficiency depends on their level
  • Added more than 20 new events near Leaktown, Twinfall and Audunstede which launch if player’s nation control specific settlement
  • Modified Gold Griffins event – from now on players need to finish 2 bosses (Rejected Leader and old aurochs) events near Leaktown to start it
  • Added interface animation indicating low stamina
  • Slightly increased time between start and end of attack (it should minimize the feeling of getting damage before seeing animation of enemy attack with high ping)
  • Slightly enlarged small animals (foxes, chickens, geese)
  • Added icons of in-game memorials and NPC targets in kill/protect events
  • Improved animation of receiving damage – it doesn’t cause problems with hit detection anymore due to better blending of upper and lower body animations


For more information check out the official patch notes at the link below.

Source: Official Website

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