First RuneScape Expansion Detailed

Jagex today announced the official title of the first ever expansion for the critically acclaimed free-to-play MMO RuneScape with the unveiling of Lost City of the Elves, introducing an exciting selection of new content into the already impressive world of RuneScape.

Jagex promised to deliver an extension on the games current main campaign alongside a selection of new mini-games, a vast array of new weaponry and a brand new area aimed at testing the combat prowess of RuneScape’s highest leveled players. The expansion is now available in game and includes:

  • Largest quest (Plague’s End) and largest city in RuneScape (the elf city of Prifddinas)
  • Dozens of new skill training methods, new weapons and armors
  • New mini-games, including a combat horde mode
  • A max guild social hub for ‘Completionist’ players
  • Hundreds of hours of new gameplay

The expansion follows recent news that shows unprecedented growth in the RuneScape community. Having reached its active player and subscriber peak in 2007 the game has since endured a slow decline, as is expected in today’s fickle MMO market. However, thanks to a huge surge in community involvement and incentives the game is once again enjoying the same levels of growth experienced during its most popular days.

Source: MMORPG

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