The Five Most Promising Mobile Games On The Market

Mobile gaming is big business – that should be obvious to anyone who’s ever used a smartphone. With that in mind, it’s not all that surprising that there’s a plethora of downright incredible games in the wings. Today, I’m going to share just a few with you. These games all have but one thing in common: they’re all incredibly promising, and serve as shining examples of just how far mobile development has come. Note that these are just a few awesome-looking titles; there are many more to be found elsewhere. 

[heading]Wayward Souls[/heading]

First up on our list is a Roguelike that goes by the name of Wayward Souls. This one’s currently available on iOS, and will soon be launching on Android and – oddly enough – PC. The premise is fairly simple: create a character from one of six different classes, customize them with whatever abilities and upgrades you see fit, and see how long you can survive a randomly-generated dungeon before you perish. Not only does the concept look and sound fun as hell, the graphics aren’t too shabby, either – it’s a true 16-bit experience, and all you need is your phone. 

[heading]Shattered Planet[/heading]

If medieval fantasy isn’t quite your style, then Shattered Planet might be just what you need to scratch the Roguelike itch. This tactical, turn-based roguelike RPG puts you in the shoes of an explorer searching for a means of fighting back an all-devouring darkness that’s consuming the universe. The only hope for a cure for this horrible blight is to be found on the shattered remnants of the former human homeworld, Earth.  Fair warning, it’s pretty difficult – if you’re not up for an intense tactical game, then look elsewhere. 

[heading]Final Fantasy VI[/heading]

I’d say it’s fairly indicative of how far technology’s come when a title that once required a cartridge and a home console can now be played on a device smaller than a TV remote. Final Fantasy VI remains a masterpiece; even in mobile format, it’s still one of the best Final Fantasy titles ever made. Whether you’re just getting into the JRPG genre or you’re an old hand at role-playing games, this one’s worth picking up and playing – if only for the nostalgia factor. 

[heading]Secret Of Mana[/heading]

Not quite sure what to make of the fact that two of the games on this list are simply ports of titles from old-school consoles? Don’t worry; you aren’t alone in that. Secret of Mana was originally released for the Super Nintendo, and was one of the first action RPGs ever made. Again, it’s a fantastic throwback to an older era of gaming, and the perfect thing to cut your teeth on if you’re new to action RPGs. 

[heading]Chroma Squad[/heading]

The Kickstarter-funded Chroma Squad puts players in the shoes of a band of costumed martial artists who totally aren’t the power ranges. Sort of. You actually manage the gang of heroes in this turn-based strategy game, which includes every single feature that made the Super Sentai genre famous: malevolent aliens, plucky teenage dynamos, giant robots, giant aliens, awesome music, giant robots…wait, I said that already, didn’t I?

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