Old School Runescape to Celebrate Summer with Daily Riddles

Old School Runescape, which was launched in February 2013, features gameplay and graphics that were originally in the 2007 version. In order to determine is specific content should be included in this version of the game, the Old School Runecape hosts polls. For the content to be added to the game, a total of 75% of the vote must be supported.

So, in order to celebrate the summer, Old School Runescape has decided to implement daily riddles for players to be a part of. Players will have to take part in the summer ritual of the Druids and discover what is missing. If you solve the riddles, players will be awarded with a Druid wreath.

“The Druids of Old School RuneScape need your help! Their annual summer ritual to protect the world from evil spirits isn’t working and they need help to investigate why.”

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