Florensia – Celebrates Christmas

The free to play fantasy MMORPG Florensia is kicking off the holiday season in style.  Adventurers will notice themselves being surrounded by atmospheric decorations and music as they roam around the world.  The well-known attendance buff has been increased and players will receive a new set of headgear as a gift.  The new headgear will also come with some improved stats.

If you’re looking for more holiday action, head on over to the towns of Roxbury, Castle Hall and Glostern.  The three major towns are filled with holiday decorations and some great festive music.  The attendance buff is being extended for an additional two hours and will yield additional experience bonuses: Players receive 20 percent bonuses on their land experience, and get increased attributes like running speed and attack speed. 

For more information about Florensia please visit florensia.alaplaya.net.

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