Battlefield Heroes – Christmas Event Details Released

What better way to celebrate Christmas cheer, warming up your cold opponents with a heavy dose of flamethrower. Electronic Arts recently announced the festive season events for their popular free-to-play MMOTPS game, Battlefield Heroes.

Based on a franchise that has always placed realism first, Battlefield Heroes takes a step away from all that seriousness and provides players with a humor filled, adrenaline ride of intense PvP combat. Since its release in 2009 Battlefield Heroes has accumulated over 15 million registered games and still continues to thrive despite competition from more recent MMO shooters such as PlanetSide 2.

It’s not as exciting as some of the Christmas events announced for other MMO games but it still provides a little extra incentive to play over the holiday period. Battlefield Heroes will reward players with free in-game items through until December 25th. Included in the new rewards are the highly coveted Jolly Santa set and a brand new flamethrower, not exactly items to lift your nose at.

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