Florensia is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG published by Alaplaya.  The game conquers something that many other MMORPGs don’t put much effort into, the sea.  Florensia offers great looking animated graphics and a special gameplay that they can claim all for their own.  The game is truly unique in that it allows you to play on both land and the sea, and you will have to conquer each in order to see any progress in the game.  But what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, and that’s where Florensia stands out.

Upon leaving your starting continent you are forced to take to the open ocean and test your sea-legs.  But don’t expect your hard earned skills and levels that you learned on land help you on the ocean.  Oh no.  You will be learning an entire new way to fight, new skills and a new leveling process while on the ocean.  But that’s only natural right?  You wouldn’t expect to take your sturdy land legs onto a boat in the ocean and think everything’s all fine and dandy. 

All in all, Florensia is a great game that will give you many hours of fun and something a little different from the rest of the MMORPGs out there.  Give it a shot.

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