Age of Wushu – A Guide To Kidnapping

One of the most intriguing features of Age of Wushu is in their Offline Mode.  What do you mean offline mode?  That’s right, in Age of Wushu your character never leaves the game.  When you log out of the game, your online avatar lives on without you, as an NPC.  Your NPC may take up a small job on the side, they may become a guard or maybe they just roam the streets, I can’t be certain what your avatar is doing!  In addition to gaining experience and silver while offline, your character is also subject to being kidnapped   Oh yeah, that’s a thing now.

Being offline comes with the small risk of being kidnapped by another player.  While this sounds unfair because you are a poor defenseless NPC now and your owner can’t help you, I assure you that you’re character will not be damaged in any way.  But it’s freaking cool!  

Snail Games offered up a great video and page all about being kidnapped.  It shows you how to kidnap and how to avoid being kidnapped and the best way to kidnap someone.  It’s really cool!  To read about kidnapping in Age of Wushu click here.  And I’ve left the video for you below.  Enjoy!

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