Forsaken World: Nightfall will go live

Nightfall, the newest expansion to Perfect World Entertainment’s Forsaken World, will go live on March 28th. This new expansion includes many new features such as a new map, the Nightfall Citadel. There is also a bunch of new daily quests in the Citadel and new high level mobs to kill. Similar to
the Descent update, this expansion has its focus on new content to keep high level players entertained and challenged.

Some other highlights to this update are the introduction of new flying mounts, and flying quests to be done on these mounts. Also the introduction of new instances that players can enter and new gear that can be earned by completing it. These quests and instances are for the level 60+ players, trying to challenge and engage the higher level players that now populate the servers. There is also a new Arena Season with the reset of points and rankings. There are also new updates for gear reforging and mastery resistances. The help interface and leveling guide will also be updated to get you to level 60 so you can participate in all the new content.

To read all about the update check out the Perfect World Entertainment Website here: and be sure to leave a comment on what you expect from this update.

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